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Scholarships (* indicates availability of scholarship form at the Town Office)

For Conway residents only:

  • Germain Scholarship Application*: This Charitable Trust was established in 1985 under the will of Mark Walter Germain and is known as the “Mark Boice Germain and Mildred Boice Germain Fund.” He directed that this fund be established “. . . to grant funds to those Conway residents whose parents or guardians cannot afford such child’s college expenses, and any applications that such applicants have made for other private and government scholarships have resulted in an insufficient amount of funds to allow the furtherance of their education without additional monetary support.”
  • Firemen’s Auxiliary Scholarship*:

    The Conway Firemen’s Auxiliary annually awards up to (2) scholarships of up to $500 each. Awards are given out in May. Applicants must be a Conway resident and a senior in high school. Primary consideration will be given to students who are involved in community service, work, or extracurricular activities, and who are planning to further their education in either college, trade school, or a certificate program. Secondary circumstances the Auxiliary will consider are grades and family financial situation.The deadline for applications is the first Friday in May. Applications are available through the town website - /p/59/Scholarships. Submit completed applications to: Conway Firemen’s Auxiliary, P.O. Box 46, Conway, MA 01341.

    Sportsman’s Club Scholarship App*: Conway Sportsman's Club Scholarship is awarded to any graduating Conway Senior or member of the family that is in good standing with the club, regardless of post graduate plans. Seniors must complete an application to be · eligible for an award.
  • Festival of the Hills Scholarship Application*: Conway Festival of the Hills Scholarships are awarded to all graduating Conway seniors, regardless of their post graduate plans. Seniors must complete the application to be eligible for an award.
  • The Friends of the Field Memorial Library Scholarship (applications are available at the library)

For residents of area towns, including Conway: