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Business Certificates

If you are starting a business and are a single proprietorship, partnership or corporation doing business under a name other than your own, you must file a Business Certificate with the Town Clerk. The only time you do not have to file a “dba” is when you are doing business in your own complete name.

Filing a Business Certificate at the town level does not protect your name as a corporate filing. It merely allows consumers and creditors to identify the names of the actual owners. State law requires this filing.

A Business Certificate does not give you permission to operate your business; it only registers the name. It is still your responsibility to obtain all permits and/or licenses for your business.

All owners and/or co-owners must appear at the Town Clerk’s office, in person, to supply information and sign the business certificate. Identification is required.

The Fee is $10.00 and the certificate is valid for four (4) years from the date of application.

If any changes occur during the four year period, you must appear and file a change or discontinuance form. The fee is $5.00.