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Title 5 Septic Inspections

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Title 5 of the Massachusetts State Environmental Code requires that all septic systems be inspected by a certified inspector at the time of transfer of property, change of use or expansion.

The regulations require an inspection to be conducted anytime within the two years before the sale, or six months after the sale if weather conditions precluded prior inspection. If the system has been pumped on an annual basis, then the inspection is valid for three years.

In Conway, Board of Health regulations require that the inspection be witnessed by an agent of the BOH. They also require that the drinking water be tested for coliform, lead, nitrates and nitrites.

To initiate the process, anyone who is considering selling their home should contact a certified inspector. Local inspectors are listed in the Yellow Pages or you may call the BOH at 413 369-4235 x-8 for a local listing. A complete list may be found on the Department of Environmental Protection Website. Once a date for the inspection is arranged, the inspector will contact the Conway BOH Health Agent and coordinate schedules. The inspection normally takes 1 – 2 hours and usually involves pumping the septic tank. A complete report is sent by the inspector to the homeowner and the BOH within 30 days. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the water test performed and the report sent to the BOH.