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Permit & Inspection Fee Schedule

Title V

Disposal Works Construction Permit (DSCP) - Includes: Septic Plan Review(s) [up to two (2) reviews], Permit, Local Upgrade Approval (if necessary), Final Inspection, and COC:  
New Construction $200.00
Upgrade or Repair $100.00
Component replacement $75.00
Plan Resubmission $50.00
Soil Evaluation and Percolation Test Witness - each site visit (up to 3 hrs), per lot:  
New Construction $200.00
Upgrade or Repair $75.00
Title 5 Inspection Witness - site visit (up to 3 hrs) $100.00
Hourly Rate for Title 5 Work (billed in 15 minute increments) for additional review(s), reinspection(s), or any fees not listed $75.00
Septic Installer Annual Permit $100.00
Septage Hauler Annual Permit $100.00
Well Permit:  
New Construction $40.00
Replacement $40.00

Food Safety Fees

Food Establishment Service Permit - (Includes: Caterers and mobile food operations) - Permits/Fees are per kitchen and include two (2) inspections annually. $50.00
Seasonal Kitchens - (food service operations that are only open part of the year) Permits/Fees are per kitchen. $25.00
Short Term Rental - (aka B&B)  includes two (2) inspections annually. $50.00
Retail Food - Pre-packaged Foods only/no food preperation (Includes food items requiring refrigeration to prevent bacterial growth, e.g., dairy prod., eggs, deli meats, sandwiches, frozen meals), includes annual inspection $20.00
Farm Stand - Includes annual inspection $25.00
Temporary (or one day) Food Permit -  Charge is per day (Non-profits exempt) $10.00
Hourly Rate for Food-Code Violation inspections $25.00

Community Sanitation Fees

Community Swimming Pool $0.00
Recreational Camp for Children $30.00
Conference Center $30.00
Body Art Establishment  
Massage Establishment $50.00
Solid Waste Hauler Annual Permit - this was traditionally a permit issued to individuals collecting trash from Conway residents and included a disposal fee (per barrel or cu yd)  also issued to individuals providing clean-out services. $100.00
Tobacco Vendor (2 allowed - inspection included in food service permit) $0.00
Hourly rate for Housing Code Complaints and other Community Sanitation compliance, after First Re-inspection (billed in 15 minute increments) $75.00
Any Fee Not Specifically Listed that may come under Board of Health jurisdiction but was not anticipated $100.00