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Photo © Deb Donaldson

Fournier Interpretive Trail

In 2022 the Forest & Trails Committee received a grant from the Conway Cultural Council to develop an educational interpretive trail on the Fournier property behind the Conway Grammar School (CGS). We engaged the CGS 6th grade class of 2022-2023 in this service-learning project. Their goals were to use the town property as an outdoor classroom, and to expand public knowledge by identifying trees, shrubs, plants, geological, natural, and historical features.

During the school year, the students identified and chose topics of interest to them, researched, and wrote about each, then placed the signs along the trail. As they explored the property during different seasons, they got to know the land and experience learning about the features outdoors.

Each of the 19 signs marks a specific feature and has a QR code that links to the town website where you can read the students’ research reports. You can view these pages, as well as a map of the trail, on the Forest and Trails Committee page on the town website, and by clicking on the link for Fournier Interpretive Trail.

This trail fosters educational opportunities for the general public as well as Conway Grammar School students today, and ideally for years to come. The students took great pride in creating this project. Sadly, some of the signs have been vandalized. Our hope is that the community will respect their efforts and protect the trail for future students to learn and build upon. We invite everyone to come see the trail and learn about this wonderful land we call home.

The Forest and Trails Committee would like to thank Jaime Jackman and the 2022- 2023 sixth grade, the Mass Cultural Council, the Conway Cultural Council, the Conway Highway Department and all the volunteers who helped make this possible.

About using the trail

  • Please stay on the trails.
  • This is a multi-use trail. Please be respectful and aware of others.
  • Please respect the boundaries with private lands.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be under control at all times. Please clean up after your pet.
  • Leave no trace. What you carry in, please carry out. Please remove trash if you find any.
  • Please do not pick or dig up plant life.

The signs