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Notary Services

There is 1 notary at the Town Hall.

No appointment is needed for notary services.

There is no charge for notary services.

Please bring a driver's license or other state issued photo identification.

Do not sign the document in advance. The notary must witness you signing after verifying your identity.

Notary Services Guidelines

Please note Notary Services are provided by this office as a courtesy for Conway residents.

Staff reserves the right to deny notarial services if the below mentioned policies are not followed or if documents are incomplete or if documents are in a format that is unacceptable to this office or if the documents do not have the notarial clause/statement.

Examples of documents this office will NOT notarize - copies of vital records, passports, drivers’ licenses, tax documents, diplomas/professional certificates, titles to vehicles or trailers, and I-9 forms.

**Additionally, because of recent changes in state regulations regarding notary policies we no longer notarize wills/trust/estate/deed documents, and real estate documents.

The following are required in order to be provided with Notary Services:

The document cannot have been signed nor dated already

° All signers must be present at time of notarizing

° The Notary is stating they have witnessed the document being signed

The person(s) signing must provide a proper photo ID (acceptable forms of ID include driver’s license, State issued ID, or passport)

The document must contain the appropriate Notarial Statement (Clause)

° Types of Notary: Jurat (statements are true) OR Acknowledgement (one’s free act)

° The certificate MUST contain the oath given by notary to identify the type of notary act

Please call the Town Clerk’s office regarding any questions and to ensure the Notary will be in the office at the time you will visit. You can contact us at 413-369-4235 X 4 or email us at