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Emergency Management

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Director – Amanda Herrman

Office Hours

By appointment

Assistant EMD: Phil Kantor,

  • Emergency Management Team: Amanda Hermann (Emergency Management Director); Robert Baker (Fire Chief); Donald Bates (Police Chief); Ron Sweet (Highway Superintendent); Linda Baker (Scribe), Tom Pleasant (Logistics), Sue Bridge (Public Information Officer), Veronique Blanchard (Finance/Administration), Phil Kantor (Assistant Emergency Management Director).
  • Emergency Shelter Team: Mary McClintock (leader), Joan Haley (assistant leader), Jean Boyden, Howard Boyden, Meg Burch, Leslie Colucci, M.D., Jeanne Jouannet, Bruce Jouannet
  • Volunteers: The Emergency Management Team is actively looking for more volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering to help during an emergency, please contact Amanda Herrmann at the above-listed email.

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