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Ambulance Department

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413-369-4235 Ext. 9

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Conway’s ambulance service is a volunteer department; currently, it includes six Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs.) The ambulance department answers calls for medical emergencies, automotive accidents and other emergencies. It works closely with the fire and police departments of Conway, along with the ambulance, fire and police departments of neighboring towns.

EMTs respond to calls as they can, when they are free from other commitments. Some have prior medical experience; others just want to help in Town. The department pays members for each call they answer, covers the cost of EMT licenses for those members who regularly respond to calls, and reimburses the cost of Massachusetts licensing classes for new, active EMTs.

The department is looking for new members! Conway Ambulance will reimburse EMTs for their class expenses and state testing fees if they become a Conway EMT. Also, the department offers to pay up front the costs of an EMT class and state exams for anyone who agrees to get their EMT license and work on the ambulance for a minimum of one year or more.