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Motor Vehicle Abatements

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The rules and laws relating to abatements of motor vehicle excise are in Chapter 60A Section 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Please read the items below to determine what our office needs to process your abatement.

Cancellation of Registration: Simply cancelling the registration of the motor vehicle does not entitle you to an abatement. In order to receive an abatement the vehicle must be disposed of, i.e., sold, salvaged or registered in another state.

Vehicle is Sold, Traded or Donated: If one of these situations has occured, we need a copy of the bill of sale or receipt for donation. If the license plate was transferred to a new vehicle, we need a copy of the registration or new bill number. If the license plate has been cancelled we need a copy of the "Plate Cancellation Receipt" or a lost plate affidavit provided to you by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Vehicle Registered in Another State: If the vehicle is now registered in a state other than Massachusetts, we will need a copy of the new registration as well as the plate cancellation receipt from Massachusetts.

Vehicle Garaged in Another Town / Moved Out of Conway: If you have moved and / or your vehicle is garaged in another town this must have taken effect before January 1 of the tax bill year. If you have moved after that date, the tax monies are due to the town of Conway. If order for us to abate your tax bill we need proof of residence in another town, i.e., utitlity bill, lease agreement, etc. Once we have abated the bill it will then be sent to the new town and they will re-bill you. Please note that it is your responsibility to notify the RMV of any type of mailing or garage changes; this can be done on-line.

Vehicle is Stolen: If the vehicle is stolen you must provide us with a certificate of cancellation of the registration as well as a police report stating that the vehicle was stolen.

Vehicle is Totalled: If your vehicle is totalled in an accident we need a copy of the letter from your insurance company which confirms that the vehicle was totalled and on what date, and a copy of the plate cancellation receipt.

Vehicle Repossessed: We need a copy of the notice from the lienholder and the plate return receipt, C-19 Form or new registration form.

Vehicle Junked: We need a copy of the receipt from the junk yard, the plate cancellation receipt, C-19 Form or new registration form.

Vehicle Returned (Lemon Law): We need a copy of the letter from the dealer certifying the return and the plate return receipt or new registration form.

Please fill in the required fields and mail (PO Box 240) or drop the form at the Assessors Office in the Town Hall (5 Academy Hill Road). Please feel free to contact the Assessors office (413-369-4235 ext.5) with any questions or concerns you may have.