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Parks & Recreation Committee

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Meeting Schedule: Every first Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm

No meetings currently scheduled.


7 of 7 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Harry Bovio. June, 2025.
  • James Bosman. June, 2025.
  • Mark Gollehon. June, 2026.
  • Michael Merritt. June, 2026.
  • Julie Sweet. June, 2027.
  • Janice Warner, Chair. June, 2025.
  • Tanya Campbell, Youth Sports / Admin. June, 2025.

Mission Statement

The Conway Parks & Recreation Committee’s primary mission is to create and oversee recreational activities for townspeople of all ages in order to promote community as well as healthy lifestyles.


  • Provide seasonal events for varying age groups and interests.
  • Provide oversight of the maintenance and/or improvements to the existing town field property and town-owned common areas and future town recreational areas.
  • Provide collaboration with other related town committees (e.g. Trails Committee, Land Use Committee, Open Space Committee, Planning Board).

Field Use Policy

Conway Town Fields, including the tennis court, basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields are available for public use.

Committee Members

The Parks & Recreation Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 PM at the Town Office. We welcome your ideas! Email the committee.

Community Sports contacts:


Previous meetings:

Whats Going On

kids sledding on a hill


Our oudoor play area is currently located at the Town Field Basketball courts and we also play indoors during the winter months at the Town Hall Gymnasium. We have nets, paddles and balls for people to use. There are reserved open play times for players of all levels where beginners are also welcome. We ask that you use these links to sign up so that we can see how many people are coming and make any other announcements or cancellations:

outdoor signup

For more information you can email Jan at

SCHEDULED OPEN PLAY TIMES at the ballfield basketball courts

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 4:00-7:00pm

Friday & Saturday 10am -12noon

Sunday 2pm-4pm

Gather your own group and drop in any other time.

We hope to build 4 new designated pickleball courts behind the Grammar School in 2024. The Parks & Recreation Committee has presented a plan to the Community Preservation Committee in hopes it can be funded from CPA reserves. The money is already saved, so there would be no additional taxation to residents.

Conway Swimming Pool

The Conway Community Swimming Pool is NOT a town-owned facility. The pool is owned and run by an entirely separate organization, Conway Community Swimming Pool, Inc. For information on the pool, please go to

Parks & Recreation Files

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   Parks Improvement Program Public 2012-04-27.pdf 2022-08-25 10:51:27

Parks & Recreation Meetings

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